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100 drivers/ riders , 63 navigators who showed them the way, 52 service teams with multitude of man and machine…..

100 + marshals , 6 MiVS , 5 ambulances for emergency situations…..

Approx 175 hours spent since the day scrutiny opened for MS Desert Storm , and over 2000 km of competitive distance and almost triple the distance we covered before and after stages……

As 15 the Edition of #MSDesertStorm wraps up , the day looked sombre , no waking up at odd hours, no action at parc ferme, no sound of roaring engines and no talks on dinner table. The surroundings look odd and quite unsettling.

Desert Storm was a phenomena we all lived for past 7 days and we at #NorthernMotorsport wish to thank each and everyone right from our Sponsors to media to hospitality partners to tuners to marshals to local villagers to every little thing that went into making this epic history.

We hope you had great time with us and on our tracks.

Doodle credit : Chhavi Dutt

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