MS DS 2015: Required Documents

In addition to the Entry Fee, the following documents need to be submitted by January 20th, 2015


This form is accessible to you at the link sent on registration. The required password is also sent with the link.

This form consists of FOUR parts

o Part 1 : Entry Form : This contains your basic required information
o Part 2 : Application for Seeding & Declaration : This will help us in assigning you the proper Start position
o Part 3 Personal Information for Media : This is information which we can disseminate to the media
o Part 4 Medical & Emergency Contact Details : Just in case information


We just need the licence numbers. This licence is issued by the Federation of Motorsports Clubs of India (FMSCI). The form can be downloaded at The Co Driver should also take a Drivers licence, this will enable both the Driver & the Co Driver to drive during the event. You will have to download the form and fill up the required details, the form can be sent to FMSCI directly or it can be submitted at the Northern Motorsport office.

PASSPORT SIZE PICTURES (Driver and Co Driver(s) : Please write the Name and Blood Group clearly and legibly on the back.

SELF ATTESTED COPIES of the following. Remember that the originals of all documents must be shown at the time of Administrative Checks for validation to the Secretary of the Meet.

  1. Driving License -Driver and Co Driver(s)
  2. Driver and Co Driver(s) Personal Accident Policy – For a minimum amount of Rs 5,00,000 endorsed in Table No 3 (High Risk)
  3. Vehicle RC
  4. Vehicle insurance
  5. Vehicle Rally Cover :  All participating vehicles require an Insurance Policy against damages which might be caused during the course of the Desert Storm. This should cover third party damages at the very minimum, though full cover is recommended. Under the laws of India, normal Motor insurance policies do NOT cover Motorsport , for this an extension has to be bought separately from the Insurance Company which enhances the risk cover and  extends the accidental and third party cover for the period of the event. As this is not a separate policy but an add on, you will have to contact the Insurance Agency where your vehicle is currently insured .

The following in ORIGINAL

  1. Vehicle NOC – Letter of Authority from the registered owner of Vehicle (If other than entrant) permitting use of the Vehicle. If the owner is other than an individual, then the Letter of Authority must be on the Owner’s official letterhead. The person signing the letter must give his/her full name and designation and the letter must bear the stamp/seal of the Owner. If the letterhead is not available, then the permission must be on a Notarized Rs. 20 Stamp Paper. The matter of the NOC can be downloaded here.
  2. The Indemnity, Notarized on Rs. 50 Stamp Paper must be submitted in original separately for the Entrant, Driver and Co Driver(s). The matter of the indemnity can be downloaded here.


Sample Vehicle Rally Insurance Cover
Sample Vehicle Rally Insurance Cover