Day -5: 7th April’16 DS reaches its first highpoint

After a gruelling day battling out in the sand after having covered a total leg distance of almost 500 KM, we had reached the historical and beautiful city of Jaiselmer on 6th April, 2016 around noon !

After a day of cooling off, the next leg from Jaiselmer shall commence in wee morning hours on 7th April with a 90 KM competitive stage ending around mid noon.

And that’s where we decided to twist things up a bit. Post stage, as the golden sun sets somewhere in the towering sand dunes, we shall gather for a grand Rally Ball organized in Sam. This year Xplore is running in a double route format ; from Delhi to Jaiselmer (Xplore Dawn) and from Jaiselmer to Jodhpur (Xplore Dusk) independently. The evening shall also see prize distribution for Xplore Dawn .

Since the Bee has to doll out certain practical information apart from the virtual show its enjoying from a certain vantage point, it is advised that all of us may reach Sam (venue of Rally Ball) latest by 1800 hrs. We have got buses arranged for everyone.

Now the good part , you can put your foot down , give a break to formidable scorecard which is now peaking with DS half way through. Relax, and enjoy this evening as it wont get as picturesque with India’s top racers making an alliance with Thar desert , the place where they shall fight the next morning.

Rally Bee says we gonna start around midday on 8th so have those shots without a doubt;)

Stay tuned.