Day-3: 5th April’16 The Unceasing Day at DS

Mid morning as the sun crawls high up in the sky over the horizon of the Thar desert near Bikaner, the competitors take a flag off for one of the toughest days in the 14th edition of Desert Storm.

5th April 2016 Day 3 of DS could be termed as treacherous and torturous by many.

Starting mid morning from Bikaner the first stage shall run a whopping 187 KM of competition distance . The Competitors shall regroup at Bikaner around 2000 hrs , and start again towards late night/ early morning for three stages that shall run through wee hours stretching into the next morning, each of around 40, 65 and 50 KM each. The longest day of DS shall end around mid day on 6th April in Jaisalmer after its last stage.

Undoubtedly this shall be the day where man and machine will battle with nature in the most extreme conditions and also reinforce the fact that when the going gets tough, it’s only true grit and spirit that triumphs.

Rally Bee says this shall be the described as the day of ” Shock & Awe” for times to come!