Day 0 -2nd April 2016 at Desert Storm

If one must start something adventurous and memorable somewhere , right here and now ” Desert Storm” is the best place imaginable !!

In a span of 15 days from today, you shall either be on your way to make another set of lifetime experience once again, or probably be experiencing the exhilaration of DS for the first time.

Before you start this amazing journey at Desert Storm, our correspondent Rally Bee shall take you through a virtual day wise ride which will be covering all the important information you need about the event. Stay tuned each day for our updates on schedule, locations, timings, tracks, places, your night halts and so much more. For the start though, here is our scrutiny day.

“Day 0 “
The Desert Storm 2016, shall open its gate for Vehicle and Document Scrutiny at 800 hrs on 2nd April at New Delhi . Post registration and document verification, our Chief Scrutineer and his able team shall go through an exhaustive checkup of your vehicle on international technical and safety parameters in line with the Supplementary Rules (SR) available here:

While we emphasize of safety specifically, here you can have our detailed scrutiny lists for your reference. we suggest that you come with the list complied in-toto to avoid delays and rejections. We are attaching competition wise scrutiny timings for ready reference.

You are expected to report for scrutiny as per your allotted time and competition numbers to avoid penalties. In exceptional cases, While scrutiny may also extend to 3rd April, 2016, the early you are sorted and get the coveted ” Scrutiny OK ” sticker , the lesser hassles you carry for 3rd , which shall be a busy day in itself, says our wise bee sipping coffee as it makes note for update tomorrow, stay tuned!”. Ciao!!


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