AutoCross FAQ

  1. What is the concept of Autocross?

Autocross is a driving skill contest that revolves around the driver’s capability to handle his/her car. All contestants in Autocross are required to drive over a specially designed track designated by traffic cones and markers in a large level ground in a set amount of time.

While average speeds at Autocross are no greater than those usually encountered in Legal Street driving, what makes the format interesting is the combination of tight & twisty turns on the track and variations in surface.

  1. What is the track like at Autocross?

A usual Autocross track is a combination of fast corners interspersed with very tight and slow corners. The straight runs are short & narrow adding to a very fast & intense experience.

  1. When is the next Autocross Event?

The upcoming Autocross event is slated to be held on December 1st and 2nd, 2018, at Buddh International Circuit, GautamBuddh Nagar.

  1. Who can participate?

Any person over the age of 16 can participate.

  1. What is the eligibility criteria?

Anyone who is over the age of 18 years and holds a valid Indian Driving Licencecan participate (Yes, it’s that simple!). However, if you are not yet 18 but are more than 16 years of age, then you can participate with due consent from your parents.

  1. Are there any other documents that I need to present?

Yes. Being organized under the guidelines of the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs in India (FMSCI), all participants need to possess a valid FMSCI4W ClubsportLicence (Only for closed, closed invitation, and open status). Apart from that, and the Indian Driving License,the participants need to simply produce their vehicle registration certificate (RC), and a vehicle insurance certificate.

  1. I don’t possess an FMSCI License. What do I do?

Creating an FMSCI License is an easy and online process; entire information about which is available on the FMSCI website ( Feel free to ping us if you need any further guidance related to it.

  1. Are there any compulsory modifications that I need to do to my car in order to participate? What kind of vehicles can participate?

No! Any car, of any model or make, can participate in the Autocross.

  1. Does that mean my 1200 cc car could be pitted against a 3,500 cc V8 beast?

Absolutely no. Autocross has a well-defined set of groups and categories to accommodate and classify all sorts of cars running on Indian roads.

  1. What are these Groups & Categories

The participants of the event will be atleast divided into the following groups.

a          Group A : Amateur Stock (AMSTK)

b          Group B : Professional Stock (PROSTK)

c          Group C: Professional Modified (PROMOD)

d          Group D: Open(OPEN)


Groups Amateur Stock ( AMSTK )

Class 1:             2-wheel drive | Upto 1100 cc

Class 2:             2-wheel drive | Over 1100cc Upto 1400 cc

Class 3:             2-wheel drive | Over 1400c cUpto 1650cc

Class 4:            2-wheel drive | Over 1650cc


Group Professional Stock (PROSTK)

Class 5:            2-wheel drive | Upto 1100cc

Class 6:            2-wheel drive | Over 1100cc Upto 1400cc

Class 7:             2-wheel drive | Over 1400cc Upto 1650cc

Class 8:             2-wheel drive | Over 1650cc


Group Professional Modified (PROMOD)

Class 9:             2-wheel drive | Upto 1100cc

Class 10:          2-wheel drive | Over 1100cc Upto 1400cc

Class 11:          2-wheel drive| Over 1400cc Upto 1650cc

Class 12:          2-wheel drive | Over 1650cc


Group OPEN

Class 13:          2-wheel drive | Open

Class 14:          4-wheel drive | Open


  1. Who is an amateur?

An Amateur is deemed to be a competitor who has not won a podium finish in any of the motorsport events affiliated to FMSCI in the past three years. Also, an amateur must not have qualified for the Final round in the Autocross for the last 2 years.

All the contenders who do not qualify as amateurs will be automatically placed in the Professional Category. However, an amateur is free to participate in the Professional category if he/she wishes so.

  1. What is Stock & Modified

STOCK: No engine modifications permitted except to the Air Filter & the exhaust beyond the first muffler. All external modifications like body kits, spoilers, alloy wheels, low profile tyres/ larger wheels etc. are permitted.

MODIFIED: Any modifications over and above of those specified in STOCK are entertained as modified vehicles.

  1. How many competitive rounds are there at Autocross? What is the overall format of the competition?

Two – Qualifiers and Finals.

Each participant is given timed run of the track. Time Penalties are incurred on final timings of the competitors if they violate any of the rules or regulations of the competitive run. Based on the final timing of all competitors in qualifiers, top contenders are selected to participate in Finals. (Refer to Supplementary Regulations Book for enhanced understanding of the format and rules & regulations)

  1. Are any special preparations needed?

Not really. Any person can participate using a stock street legal car and still be able to qualify. It is more test of driving skills and ability than that of the car’s performance.

  1. Is it safe?

All the competitions organized by Northern Motorsport conducted under the framework of the FMSCI and under the watchful eyes of appointed Safety Stewards.

The strict adherence to rules and safety guidelines makes Autocross one of the safest motorsport activities possible. The track is specially designed to limit the speed of the cars. In case of an untoward incident, emergency services including a fully equipped Ambulance, fire extinguishers, trained fire marshals, and supervisors across thetracks are available to help at all times.

That said, motorsport is still a risky sport. Participants are responsible for their own safety.

  1. Can I share a car? Can many contenders drive the same car?

Yes. There is no restriction on the number of persons driving any car.

  1. Can I make multiple entries or drive multiple cars?

Yes. There is no restriction on the number of entries put in by any person in the same or different cars. However, in case of multiple entries in the same class, only the best time will be taken for qualifying for the next rounds. MAX 6 ENTRIES (SR)

  1. Can my friends come and watch me?

Sure, spectators and supporters have always been welcome at Autocross.

  1. Is there any fee for spectators?


  1. Can a physically disabled person participate?

Yes. All motorsport enthusiasts are welcome to participate.

  1. Are electric and CNG/LPG cars allowed?

Yes. These vehicles can participate in the OPEN category.